Things That Happen on Airplanes


Things That Happen on Airplanes: 


Funny Stories from the Sky


Air travel can be stressful, boring, or even terrifying for some people. But sometimes, it can also be hilarious. Whether it's due to crazy passengers, witty pilots, or unexpected situations, there are plenty of funny stories that happen on airplanes. Here are some of them that will make you laugh out loud or at least smile.


The Naked Passenger


Imagine sitting next to a guy who decides to take off all his clothes and act like nothing is wrong. That's what happened to a pilot named Dan Boland, who was informed by a flight attendant that a passenger had stripped down to his birthday suit and was sitting buck naked in hisseat. Boland told the flight attendant to warn the passenger that he would be arrested if he didn't get dressed immediately. The passenger called their bluff and waited until landing to put his clothes back on. He wasn't arrested, but he probably got some weird looks from the other passengers.


The Cowboy Conversation


Sometimes, language barriers can lead to funny misunderstandings or awkward conversations. That's what happened to a Reddit user who was seated next to a guy in a cowboy hat who only spoke Spanish. The cowboy hat guy had a conversation with him the entire flight, breaking down in tears at one point, and all the Reddit user did was look at him and nod occasionally. At the end of the flight, the cowboy hat guy shook his hand and gave him the cowboy hat.²

## The Emotional Support Dog...and His Emotional Support Dog

We all know that some people need emotional support animals to help them cope with anxiety or stress. But what if the emotional support animal needs another emotional support animal? That's what a former pilot witnessed when a passenger brought his emotional support dog on the plane. The dog was a sturdy German Shepherd who required his own emotional support dog: a fluffy toy poodle mix. This was unprecedented, but also permissible.


The Emotional Support Squirrel


Speaking of animals on board, some people have unusual choices for their emotional support pets. A Reddit user heard from his grandfather, a flight attendant, that one time, a passenger was suspected of having an unauthorized pet in the cabin with him. When the grandfather went to investigate, the passenger was gently petting the small animal, which the grandfather assumed would be a teacup-sized Yorkie or kitten. Nope. It was a squirrel.


The Dubious Back-Story


Some people try to get away with things on airplanes by making up stories or excuses. That's what a passenger did when he refused to move his seat to the upright position before landing, claiming his back hurt. He cried out in pain as his seat back went up and demanded an ambulance to help him disembark. After all the other passengers were gone, the pilot and his crew watched the man being stretchered off the aircraft. Later on, the medics told the pilot they suspected the man was attempting to pull an insurance scam.


The Pilot for the Day


Not all funny stories on airplanes are about bad or weird behavior. Some are about kindness and compassion. A Reddit user shared a story about when he was 10 years old and had to fly back home to his mom after visiting his dad for a few weeks in the summer. He started to cry at the gate because he hated saying goodbye to his dad every year. He walked down the jet way, sobbing as he got to his seat. Not two minutes later did a flight attendant come up to his seat and inform him that the captain had invited him to sit in the cockpit. He gotto sit in a fold down seat for the whole flight, wear a headset to listen to the air traffic controllers, and get snacks and juice from the flight attendant. The pilots talked to him about everything they were doing and gave him a set of pilot wings at the end of the flight. He was still upset about his dad, but the crew from that flight was able to help him forget about it for a while.⁶

These are just some of the funny stories that happen on airplanes. There are many more out there that will make you chuckle or shake your head in disbelief. The next time you fly, keep your eyes and ears open for any amusing incidents or anecdotes that might brighten up your journey.


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