Jaw-Dropping Destination Wedding Venues You Won’t Believe Exist

beach wedding with flower pedal runway

Everyone has envisioned the wedding of their dreams at least once or twice–the guests they’ll invite, the wedding dress they’ll wear, and most notably the wedding location. Destination weddings are the ultimate wedding fantasy that can be brought to life through local culture, cuisine, architecture, and landscapes. 


Each destination wedding offers a unique, personalized experience that fits your love story. From luxurious château’s to all-inclusive beach resorts, let’s explore some of the most jaw-dropping places to say “I do!”  


As always, our team at NorthStar Travel is here to assist you in planning an unforgettable travel experience! Be sure to reach out to us and we’ll get started on planning your dream destination wedding together.   


Luxurious Wedding Venue 


Château de La Messardière, Saint-Tropez, France 


One of the most breathtaking locations that looks right out of a fairytale is Château de La Messardière, a 19th-century château with plenty of French history. Once an enchanting palace, now a luxury hotel, this location has the most stunning views overlooking Pampelonne Bay, creating the most exhilarating backdrop for your wedding ceremony.  


Conveniently, Château de La Messardière doesn’t just offer an extravagant wedding venue but also has accommodations for your guests. With 86 rooms and suites, a terrace pool with Gulf views, and a private beach club, your guests can enjoy your wedding without the hassle of booking arrangements far from your venue. Both you and your guests can indulge in the pleasures of the French countryside, making your wedding an unforgettable experience! 


All-Inclusive Resort Wedding Venue 


Four Seasons Punta Mita, Mexico 


With beautiful, orange sunsets over the Pacific Ocean, the Four Seasons Punta Mita will provide the experience of a lifetime. Combine the romance of a destination wedding with the ease of all-inclusive pricing, and you get the best of both worlds: a beautiful celebration where you can invite all your loved ones without stressing about the cost.  


The Four Seasons lives by a “mi casa su casa” attitude. With a welcoming atmosphere, attentive staff, and experienced wedding planners, your wedding will be left to the professionals, encouraging you to relax and be stress-free. 


There are plenty of locations to have your ceremony–whether it’s facing the towering cliffs or the sandy, white beach, each spot creates a capturable moment for future newlyweds. With stylish decor and tasty Mexican cuisine, guests can immerse themselves in the beautiful culture that Mexico has to offer, cherishing these memories forever. 


Beach Wedding Venue 


Hyatt Regency Maui Resort and Spa, Hawaii 


Known as a tropical paradise, Hawaii’s Hyatt Regency Maui Resort and Spa covers 40 acres of the famous Ka'anapali Beach, perfect for the beach wedding of your dreams. A waterfront ceremony unlocks all your senses–the sound of the waves, the textures of sand, the smell of the ocean, the sight of the gorgeous horizon, and the taste of love.  


Not just for wedding venues, the Hyatt can accommodate up to 1,200 guests. With a deep blue ocean, tropical food and drinks, natural waterfalls, and many pools to swim in, you and your guests can enjoy the trip of a lifetime with your wedding as the main event.  


Experience the culture and hospitality that Hawaii proudly offers and give yourself the opportunity of a beautiful beach wedding! 

bride and groom holding hands walking on the beach

Mountain Wedding Venue 


The Little Nell, Aspen, Colorado  


Nestled in the middle of the Rocky Mountains lies The Little Nell in Aspen, Colorado. With a town known for its luxury, it doesn’t fall short of its wedding venues. The scenic views of the mountains make The Little Nell a bucket list wedding destination. The natural beauty, local appeal, and lavish amenities put this five-star hotel on the list of potential locations. The unique ceremony locations, elegant ballrooms, and extravagant restaurants will make your wedding feel like royalty.  


While many prefer to visit Aspen in the winter, its summer and fall seasons are equally as charming. The bright sun shining over the mountains in summer and colourful leaves in fall can be just as beautiful as a winter wonderland for an outdoor ceremony.  


Regardless of the season, The Little Nell can turn your wedding wishes into a magical day.  


Sustainable Wedding Venue 


Dreams Las Mareas, Costa Rico 


With the rise of ecotourism, many destinations have opted to make their locations more sustainable. Dreams Las Mareas, located in the dense jungle of Playa el Jobo, is one of the many sustainable resorts where eco-conscious couples can have their wedding. While upholding an environmentally friendly image, Dreams Las Mareas still provides luxurious amenities and plentiful activities, combining both cleanliness and fun. 


Its efforts to protect the rainforest and wildlife have preserved the environment around the resort allowing it to maintain its natural beauty. Receiving the Preferred by Nature trademark, having a no-straw policy, funding local education, and organizing beach clean-ups, Dreams Las Mareas has become the number one resort to support sustainability in Costa Rica.  


With 447 exemplary suites, a beautiful beach for your ceremony, and multiple restaurants and bars, you can indulge in wedding festivities and support local environmental efforts simultaneously.  


Affordable Wedding Venue 


Park and Palace of Manserrate, Portugal 


Some European destinations may deter you from having a destination wedding due to its costs, however, Park and Palace of Manserrate is an inexpensive option that will persuade you to fly across the globe for your nuptials. Its exotic gardens and intricate architectural design fill this destination with a romantic aura. Portugal’s rich culture and affordable prices can fulfill the wedding of your dreams without having to worry about expenses.  


As many know, weddings can be an expensive event, even when it's domestic. For a 50-guest wedding in Portugal, including venue rental, catering, and decor, weddings can range from EUR 10,000 to EUR 20,000. Parks and Palace of Manserrate still gives that high-end appearance without going over budget.  


The best time for a Portugal wedding at Manserrate is during the summer and fall seasons when the Atlantic isn’t so cold and the local establishments are booming. For a more cost-effective option, planning a wedding during Portugal’s off-season. November through February will lower the cost of your wedding substantially.  


With its attractive charm and budget-friendly location, your ideal European wedding can come to fruition. 



Intimate Wedding Venue 


Calilo, Ios, Greece 


Situated on the scenic island of Ios, Greece, lies the intimate, romantic resort, Calilo, translated to, “create the life you love.” Known as a romantic setting, this location provides a luxurious, yet comforting setting, best fit for a wedding party of your closest family and friends. The white architecture combined with the blue sea in the background allows couples to celebrate their love in a fresh, and pure atmosphere. Calilo’s charming location has exquisite accommodations for your guests and personalized services, encouraging an enjoyable stay.  


From June to September, the Aegean Sea is warm and the weather is at its peak, exhibiting a vibrant atmosphere. Gorgeous beach views, lavish amenities, and breathtaking skies ensure a truly memorable experience for you and your loved ones. With opportunities to personalize your wedding itinerary, you can explore different dining choices, live music, food, and ceremony locations that can be tailored to fit your unique love story.  

private wedding venue overlooking water

Farm or Ranch Wedding Venue 


Kinkell Byre, St. Andrews, Fife, Scotland 


Just an hour and a half away from Edinburgh is the romantic, rustic destination called Kinkell Byre in St. Andrews. Scotland, Known for its historic charm and stunning landscapes, makes Kinkell Byre an enchanting venue with its preserved country barns and traditional Scottish atmosphere. Customize your wedding by combining the lush, green views of an outdoor ceremony, and an intimate reception filled with overhead lighting and floral detailing inside of the ranch.  


Comfortably able to accommodate 450 guests, Kinkell Byre provides ample space for all types of gatherings. With farm-to-table catering, and tailored wedding itineraries that incorporate Scottish culture, music, and tradition, this rustic yet elegant location will create a unique and unforgettable wedding experience in Scotland’s picturesque countryside. 


Vineyard Wedding Venue 


Bella Terra Vineyards, Niagara on the Lake, Ontario, Canada 


This venue filled with picturesque views, and exquisite local wine makes Bella Terra Vineyards the perfect destination that isn’t too far from home. With its rolling hills covered in lush vines, its romantic essence fills your celebratory event with love and awe. The rich history of the town and the luxuries of tasty, wine selections create an aura of elegance and luxury.  


Bella Terra offers two beautiful ceremony locations–one a stunning waterfront setting surrounded by grapevines, and the other a terrace underneath an elegant marquee. Both locations provide ample space and splendid views, perfect for exchanging vows. With 3600 square feet of event space and lavish facilities, this location can offer the most romantic, and intimate or lively, extravagant wedding celebrations. Choosing Niagara’s wine country ensures a romantic, passionate event filled with love, laughter, and good wine.  

outdoor wedding table and chair set up

Book Your Dream Destination Wedding Today 


From luxurious locations in Aspen, Colorado to intimate settings overlooking the Sea in Ios, Greece, each venue’s characteristics provide a jaw-dropping response that will make you consider a destination wedding. Offering customizable itineraries, cost efficiency, cultural experiences, and unforgettable memories proves that each location deserves a spot on your list of potential wedding locations.  


Whether it's an eco-friendly celebration in Costa Rica or a rustic, countryside wedding in Scotland, each choice can transform your day into the best experience of your life. If you’re inspired by these spectacular venues, consider bringing your fantasies to life by planning your wedding at NorthStar Travel. Contact us today to plan the perfect wedding at the destination of your dreams. 




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Exploring Italy in the Off-Season: Embracing Tranquility and Authenticity

Having just returned from Europe I always wondered why more of our clients do not opt to travel in the off season. Since Covid tourism has soared in Europe and countries have started banning over tourism. For us that can get away anytime throughout the year why not visit during our winter season? Weather in Italy is mild and usually always sunny making it a perfect time to see the sites in comfort, with less crowds and it's very cost effective. Please read my post below:


Italy, a land of ancient history, breathtaking art, culinary delights, and stunning landscapes, has long been a magnet for travelers worldwide. From the iconic canals of Venice to the ancient ruins of Rome, and the rolling hills of Tuscany to the vibrant Amalfi Coast, Italy offers a diverse tapestry of experiences that captivate the imagination. While the peak tourist season often sees hordes of visitors flocking to these renowned destinations, there exists a hidden gem - the off-season. This quieter, more contemplative time unveils a side of Italy that is serene, authentic, and deeply rewarding for those willing to explore beyond the traditional tourist trail.


Embracing Tranquility: Discovering Italy in its Quietude


The allure of traveling to Italy in the off-season lies not just in avoiding crowds but in experiencing its cities and landscapes with a sense of tranquility that is often elusive during peak times. Imagine wandering through the narrow streets of Venice in late autumn, the misty air lending an ethereal quality to the labyrinthine canals. The absence of bustling crowds allows for a more intimate exploration of iconic landmarks like St. Mark's Basilica or the Doge's Palace, where you can absorb their architectural splendor without jostling for space.

In Rome, the eternal city takes on a different charm in the quieter months. Visiting the Colosseum or Vatican City becomes a more contemplative experience, where you can marvel at millennia of history without the distraction of long lines and selfie sticks. The tranquil gardens of Villa Borghese beckon for leisurely strolls, while the city's myriad trattorias offer a warm welcome and authentic Roman cuisine without the need for reservations weeks in advance.


Unveiling Authenticity: Connecting with Local Culture and Traditions


One of the greatest rewards of traveling in the off-season is the opportunity to connect more deeply with Italy's rich cultural tapestry. Away from the tourist hotspots, local life unfolds in its most authentic form. In rural Tuscany, villages like San Gimignano and Montepulciano exude a timeless charm, where residents go about their daily routines with a warmth and hospitality that is quintessentially Italian. This is the perfect time to savor farm-to-table cuisine and sample renowned Tuscan wines in a relaxed setting, surrounded by rolling vineyards and olive groves glowing in the soft winter light.


The coastal villages of Cinque Terre reveal their true character when visited in the off-season. Without the summer crowds, you can hike along the rugged cliffs overlooking the Ligurian Sea, stopping in quaint villages like Vernazza and Riomaggiore to chat with locals and soak in the authentic maritime atmosphere. Each village retains its unique identity, allowing you to appreciate the nuances of local traditions and craftsmanship without the commercial trappings of peak tourism.


Embracing Culinary Delights: Indulging in Seasonal Flavors and Traditions


Italy's culinary heritage is a feast for the senses, and the off-season offers a unique opportunity to delve deeper into its regional specialties and seasonal flavors. From hearty risottos in Lombardy to fragrant seafood dishes along the Adriatic coast, each region boasts its own culinary traditions that come alive in the quieter months. Local trattorias and osterias welcome visitors with open arms, offering a chance to savor traditional dishes prepared with fresh, seasonal ingredients sourced from nearby markets and farms.

In Naples, the birthplace of pizza, you can sample authentic Neapolitan pies without the long waits typical of peak tourist season. The city's vibrant street food scene comes alive with delicacies like sfogliatella and arancini, enjoyed alongside locals who are eager to share their culinary heritage with curious travelers. Likewise, exploring the wine regions of Piedmont or Umbria during the off-season provides a more personal experience, with winemakers sharing their craft and offering tastings amid the quiet beauty of winter vineyards.


Embracing Nature: Exploring Italy's Natural Beauty in Tranquility


Beyond its historic cities and cultural treasures, Italy boasts a diverse natural landscape that is best explored away from the crowds. The off-season offers a chance to discover Italy's national parks and scenic vistas in a more intimate setting. In the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage site, winter transforms the rugged peaks into a winter wonderland ideal for skiing, snowshoeing, and ice climbing. The charming alpine villages of Cortina d'Ampezzo and Madonna di Campiglio offer cozy retreats where you can unwind after a day of outdoor adventure.


In the south, the Amalfi Coast reveals its dramatic beauty during the quieter months, with mild temperatures perfect for hiking along ancient paths that wind through lemon groves and olive orchards. Picturesque towns like Positano and Ravello retain their romantic allure, offering breathtaking views of the azure Mediterranean Sea without the summertime crowds. Exploring Sicily in the off-season unveils a treasure trove of archaeological sites, from the ancient Greek temples of Agrigento to the Roman mosaics of Villa Romana del Casale, where you can delve into millennia of history without the distraction of tour groups.


Practical Considerations: Navigating Italy in the Off-Season


Traveling to Italy in the off-season requires some practical considerations to make the most of your experience. While major attractions like museums and galleries may have shorter operating hours or periodic closures for maintenance, planning ahead and checking local schedules can help you optimize your itinerary. Booking accommodations in advance is advisable, especially in popular destinations, though you'll find a wider range of options and potentially lower prices compared to peak season rates.

Weather can vary significantly depending on the region and time of year, so packing layers and waterproof gear is essential for exploring Italy's diverse landscapes comfortably. Public transportation remains reliable throughout most of the country, though rural areas may have reduced schedules during the off-season. Embracing a slower pace of travel allows you to savor each destination more fully, immersing yourself in its culture, cuisine, and natural beauty without feeling rushed.


Embracing Italy's Off-Season Charm


Italy in the off-season is a journey of discovery, where tranquility and authenticity converge to offer a deeper understanding of this storied land. Whether you seek to explore ancient ruins without the crowds, savor regional cuisine at leisure, or immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Italy's landscapes, the quieter months provide a canvas for unforgettable experiences. From the snow-capped peaks of the Alps to the sun-drenched shores of Sicily, each region offers its own unique allure when visited in the off-season, revealing a side of Italy that is as enchanting as it is authentic.

As you plan your next adventure, consider embracing Italy's off-season charm and embark on a journey that transcends mere sightseeing. Discover the art of slow travel, where every moment unfolds with a sense of wonder and possibility. Whether you're a seasoned traveler or embarking on your first trip to Italy, the off-season promises a treasure trove of memories that will linger long after you've returned home. Embrace the tranquility, indulge in the flavors, and explore the natural beauty of Italy in its most authentic form - you may find yourself falling in love with this timeless destination all over again.

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