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A Guide for Train Lovers


Train travel is one of the best ways to discover the world, as it offers a unique perspective on the landscapes, cultures, and histories of different regions. Whether you are looking for speed, comfort, adventure, or romance, there is a train journey for you in every continent. In this blog post, I will introduce you to some of the most amazing rail journeys in each continent, and give you some tips on how to plan and enjoy them.


Europe: The Glacier Express, Switzerland


Europe is a paradise for train lovers, as it has a vast and efficient network of railways that connect many countries and cities. One of the most scenic and romantic train journeys in Europe is the Glacier Express, which runs from Zermatt to St. Moritz, crossing the Swiss Alps through 91 tunnels and 291 bridges1. The journey takes about eight hours and covers 291 km (181 miles), passing through some of the most stunning landscapes in Switzerland. You will see snow-capped mountains, lush valleys, sparkling lakes, and charming villages along the way. The train has panoramic windows that offer a 360-degree view of the scenery, as well as a glass roof that lets you gaze at the sky. The train also has a dining car that serves delicious Swiss cuisine and wine, as well as an audio guide that explains the history and culture of the regions you pass through2.

To book your tickets for the Glacier Express, you can visit their website or call their toll-free number +41 848 642 442. The prices start from 152 CHF ($165 USD) one way for second class seats and 268 CHF ($292 USD) one way for first class seats. You can also book a package that includes hotel stays and sightseeing tours at your destinations, such as this one from Railbookers.


Asia: The Trans-Mongolian Railway


Asia is a continent of contrasts, where ancient traditions meet modern innovations, and where diverse cultures and landscapes coexist. One of the best ways to experience this diversity is by taking the Trans-Mongolian Railway, which is a branch of the legendary Trans-Siberian Railway that connects Moscow with Beijing via Mongolia. The journey takes about six days and covers more than 4500 km (7200 km), crossing three countries and two continents. You will experience a variety of climates, landscapes, and cultures along the way: from the forests and lakes of Siberia to the steppes and deserts of Mongolia to the mountains and temples of China. You will also have a chance to visit some of the most fascinating cities in Eurasia, such as Ulaanbaatar, Irkutsk, and Beijing. The train has different classes of service, from third class with open bunks to first class with private cabins. You can also enjoy dining cars with local cuisine, bar cars with drinks and snacks, and socializing with fellow travelers from around the world.

To book your tickets for the Trans-Mongolian Railway, you can use online platforms such as [Real Russia] or [Trans-Siberian Express], or contact local travel agencies in Moscow, Ulaanbaatar, or Beijing. The prices vary depending on the class, the season, and the direction of travel, but generally range from $500 to $2000 USD one way. You can also book a tour that includes the train journey and other activities and accommodations along the way, such as [this one] from G Adventures.


Africa: The Rovos Rail, South Africa


Africa is a continent of wonders, where wildlife, nature, and culture abound. One of the most luxurious and adventurous ways to explore Africa is by taking the Rovos Rail, which offers a variety of journeys across South Africa and beyond. The Rovos Rail is known as “the most luxurious train in the world”, as it features elegant and spacious suites, fine dining and wine, attentive service, and historical charm. The train can accommodate up to 72 guests in 36 suites, each with its own en-suite bathroom, air-conditioning, safe, mini-bar, and lounge area. The train also has observation cars with open balconies, lounge cars with comfortable sofas and armchairs, dining cars with crystal glasses and silver cutlery, and smoking cars with leather chairs and wood panels.

To book your tickets for the Rovos Rail, you can visit [their website] or call their toll-free number +27 12 315 8242. The prices vary depending on the journey, the duration, and the suite, but generally range from $1,650 to $15,950 USD per person sharing. You can choose from different routes and destinations, such as Cape Town, Victoria Falls, Dar es Salaam, Namibia, and Botswana. You can also join special themed journeys, such as golf safaris, wine tours, and battlefields excursions.


North America: The Rocky Mountaineer, Canada


North America is a continent of diversity, where you can find cosmopolitan cities, natural wonders, and cultural heritage. One of the most spectacular and memorable ways to see North America is by taking the Rocky Mountaineer, which is a luxury train that travels through the Canadian Rockies and beyond. The Rocky Mountaineer offers four different routes that showcase the best of Western Canada, such as Vancouver, Banff, Jasper, Lake Louise, Whistler, and Kamloops. The journey takes two or three days, depending on the route, and covers between 446 km (277 miles) and 1,364 km (847 miles). You will see breathtaking scenery along the way, such as snow-capped peaks, turquoise lakes, cascading waterfalls, and wildlife. The train has glass-domed coaches that provide panoramic views of the surroundings, as well as outdoor viewing platforms that let you feel the fresh air. The train also has gourmet meals prepared by award-winning chefs, complimentary drinks and snacks, and onboard hosts that share stories and insights about the regions you pass through.

To book your tickets for the Rocky Mountaineer, you can visit [their website] or call their toll-free number 1-877-460-3200. The prices vary depending on the route, the season, and the service level, but generally range from $1,250 to $4,000 USD per person one way. You can choose from two service levels: SilverLeaf and GoldLeaf. SilverLeaf offers reclining seats with large windows,

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