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Marnie Gunning

Senior Travel Associate

I started my career in travel at Sears Travel, nearly 30 years ago. Now with
Northstar, my passion for travel has continued to grow. I believe while we are
exploring the world, we make new memories, new friends, and re-connect with
family. If you are dreaming of being pampered on an exotic Caribbean beach, or
trekking along the cobblestones in Europe, or admiring the coastline of the
Mediterranean from a cruise ship, let my experience help guide you to your next

Marnie Gunning

Client Testimonials

Hi Marnie!
It was amazing!! Hot weather, beautiful scenery, yummy food, and the best part
was time to just catch up-uninterrupted :)
We got out to stingray city which was awesome, and rented a jeep so we could
drive the island and stop along the way. Thanks so much for helping us pull it
together and keep at a price point that worked for us! ((Grand Cayman))


Hi Marnie. We are home! Once again you nailed it. Everything ran so
smoothly - flights, transfers, location of hotels, trains. We enjoyed every moment
of our holiday from Venice to Florence to Cinque Terre. We even managed to see
all of Rome in 5 hours! Lol. Your recommendation proved to be perfect. Cinque
Terre was magical. Thank you so much for all your help, it was truly amazing.



Thank you SO so SOOO much for all the preps, details, and explanations you
provided prior to our trip. We had SUCH a relaxing time and loved the food (more
delicious than I imagined), the views, the pools, the paddle-boarding and really;
just the whole experience. . It was all so smooth and painless – thanks for
ensuring it would be so!
Zoetry Montego Bay