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Mary Thorne

Travel Associate

I'd like to introduce myself and my passion for travel. My name is Mary Thorne and raised in rural  Middlesex and Lambton County.  I am a wife, mother of three girls and six wonderful grandchildren.  

My passion to become a travel consultant was in my early teens, but never did till I retired.  Why, because I wanted to travel and so did many of my friends.  So it started, I've got a women's travel only group which has really been very successful.  Many widowed or alone didn't have anyone to travel with and this made the perfect career for me, plus I travel with this amazing group.

But i still cater to anyone that's interested in any destination whether it be All inclusive, Ocean cruise, River cruise, Specialty travel (Ancestry) Bird Watching, groups tours, and so many more destinations to discover.

So my dream is being fulfilled and couldn't be any happier than I am right now.

Talk soon :)


Mary Thorne

Client Testimonials


I just wanted to thank you for organizing such a great trip to Newfoundland!  I have never
travelled with a group of women before nor have I ever done a bus tour.  I enjoyed the trip for
several reasons.
It was nice having everything planned out in advance and took the worry out of travelling alone. 
It was fun travelling with a bunch of fun women. It was a good learning experience and I have
discovered that I enjoyed the most being outside, walking, exploring and viewing the beautiful
The accommodations were good and the food was excellent!   I have never eaten so much fish
in my life!  I also tried mussels which I enjoyed. 
Thank you again for everything.  I can hardly wait for the next adventure!



I was on the Gourmet Trip to Italy May 2023 that Mary Thorne organized, every detail of
the trip was handled very professionally from booking me a Single Room and
coordinating to get me the last seat on the Robert Q Shuttle from London Ontario to the
Toronto Airport.  This was a huge relief for me.
I am booked for the Iceland Trip September 2023 with Mary Thorne and plan on
booking more trips in the future with 




We had the most wonderful family vacation thanks to our fantastic travel agent Mary Thorne. My husband and I wanted to take all of our kids and grandchildren (14 adults and 14 grandchildren) on a once in a life time family cruise and Mary ensured that everything ran smoothly from making sure our rooms were in close proximity to each other and booking the different types of rooms required for some of our larger families to coordinating all of our flights as we were flying out of different cities. We have nothing but great memories from the time we left for our vacation until we returned home. Thanks again Mary!.