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Kristin Bond

Travel Associate

Hello! My name is Kristin Bond and I have been in the world of travel since 2008! I am a Certified Travel Associate (The Travel Institute) and take great pride in upholding and enhancing my credentials to serve you better. 

The beginning of my career focused solely on large-scale group travel (spring break, grad trip etc.) where I was fortunate enough to send thousands of students to various destinations in the Caribbean, North America and Europe. This experience fueled my passion for travel, but as my clients aged, I grew with them and expanded my focus to be on destination weddings, bachelor/bachelorette trips, organized group travel and cruises! 

I have travelled extensively, having been fortunate to work for a Major US Airline for 7 years, I saw the greater part of our world and always will have a story to tell you!

My passion for travel continues now with my family, and I am always still up for the challenge of a complex itinerary! 

I look forward to connecting with you!

Kristin Bond

Client Testimonials

- Zoey

I highly recommend Kristin's services. My husband and I have been looking for an all-inclusive trip for a while, but since this was our first time planning for one, we were pretty lost and overwhelmed by the options. All I had to do was give Kristin my list of criteria and she got to work right away. She was available to answer all of my questions and was professional and honest throughout the process.

- Carrie

Kristin is fantastic. Highly professional, personable, knowledgeable and incredibly hard working. Every aspect of booking this trip and while on the vacation was over and above our expectations. Kristin was there with us every step of the way Easy to reach while we were on our vacation and quick to help. We will always have Kristin make our travel arrangements for us.



- Leslie

Kristin is an amazing attentive agent. She is very prompt with her replies and very honest with her responses. Kristin was very helpful putting a last minute trip together for us. She checked in with us during our trip and when we got back to make sure there were no problems. I will definitely be making our next travel plans with her. Excellent customer service.