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Anita Michalczewski

Travel Associate

Hi - I'm Anita - a travel agent with 30 years + experience. Some of you may already know me from my former company - CAA Travel, where I worked for 28 years. I joined Northstar Travel in January 2023. I grow my business with referrals from my clients, which I believe is a sign of their satisfaction and confidence in my services. I provide personalized travel planning for all types of travel. I have many travel specializations under my belt and having visited around 70 countries on 6 continents - I'm familiar first hand with many destinations. The places that I have visited include: Tahiti, Hawaii, Cook Islands, Fiji, New Zealand, the Galapagos Islands and Ecuador, Peru, Japan, China, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Dubai, Egypt, Tunisia, South Africa, Alaska, Russia and of course most of Europe, Canada and USA. Also I have been to various Caribbean Islands about 60 times. I'm an active Sandals Resorts Certified Specialist - since 1996. I have stayed at various Sandals resorts around 30 times. I love cruising and especially river cruising, which I find most relaxing. I have travelled on all sorts of vessels from small 40 person yachts to mega ships with 5000 persons capacity.
I will be happy to help you plan your next adventure. 

Anita Michalczewski

Client Testimonials

Patricia Baulk

Anita is always available and easy to talk to.  I can call her up even after hours and she answers my call.  If I email Anita, she replies by the next day.
She listens to what I want and she gets me what I want for each of my trips.  I always feel secure and confident when travelling with Anita's guidance as she takes care of everything.  She has invaluable traveling experience, often having traveled to the places I have gone to so she can give me expert advice on what to do and what to bring.  
Anita is very professional - and her experience from years of being a travel agent are such a benefit for me.  Anita recently advised me to take a later bus tour as the tour I was thinking of going on was less than 1/3 booked.  I didn't realize that the company could cancel that tour if it didn't fill up and then I would have to try and find another tour but by the time I would have found out - other tours may have been all booked!
Anita just called to wish me safe travels and offered more tips for my trip to Portugal showing she truly cares for each of her clients and gives her best in time and energy.I am thinking of another trip, and of course I will only book through Anita as she has shown me over the years of my travels that I can depend on her for any trip.  She is honest and trustworthy and truly treats me more like a friend than a client.
I look forward to many more trips with Anita's guidance and assistance!  She is a remarkable travel agent and I tell everyone I know how good Anita is and that they would be wise to book through her!

Edward Spink


We have known Anita for almost 30 years and she has booked our travel going back to our 20th anniversary ( now 47th!)!
Anita is extremely diligent and thorough and has guided us through the details- recommendations and cautions for travel countless times from Hawaii to Europe, the Caribbean, and Central America for land based and river cruises!
She is as professional and knowledgeable as they come and we would recommend her to anyone wanting a care free travel experience.

Gary Harrison

I have known Ms. Anita Michalczewski for over 30 years as an experienced and sensitive travel consultant. 
My wife and I have enjoyed many vacations thanks to Anita's careful research and perception of our holiday requirements. 
When travelling on business, Anita provided a seamless itinerary that provided me with one less thing to be concerned about when moving between several different countries within a limited time frame. 
Anita is a first choice for seamless travel experience.