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Sonya Sangster

Travel Associate

Geography was my favourite subject in school..hence the beginning of a very strong desire to travel. 

From a young child in school, my interest was peaked by learning about different continents, countries, exciting cities and places all over the world.  I wanted to visit these places when I grew up, not just read about them…I wanted to be near the Thames River, stand in front of Buckingham Palace, marvel at Holland’s windmills and the Eifel tower, Germany’s Historic wartime houses, touch a Koala in Australia, and see all the exciting statues, monuments, museums, country sides, and learn about the different cultures.  As a little girl in Nova Scotia, Canada, I wanted to see it all!

During childhood, my family and I travelled through the northern United States and Eastern Canada, but my real travel didn’t start until 2001; when I made my first trip to Florida (one of the places on my list I wanted to visit).  I was hooked…couldn’t stop me now!  I was on my way to fulfilling so many of my travel dreams! 

I have visited Europe, Australia, the Caribbean, Mexico, Western/Northern Canada, several western and southern US cities, by land, sea, bus and air.  I still have a long list of destinations to visit/see, but that’s what’s exciting…looking forward to my next adventure!

After my life took a career path change in 2013, I joined the travel industry and haven’t looked back; it is a job more suited to me than any other career choice I had made and I’m loving it!  I was/am always planning many other upcoming vacations for myself, and now I get to share my passion for others too!

Whether it is you alone, groups, couples, family reunions, destination wedding…no matter what the occasion, I would love to be able to fulfill your travel dreams, and assist you in making the greatest lifetime memories; you deserve that vacation of a lifetime!  I will work with you to determine the best possible choices for you:  your budget and destination desires, as well as the best possible method of travel…not everyone has the same travel desires, so let’s find what is right for you! 

I am looking forward to being part of your exciting journey, so contact me to help you find the vacation of your dreams

Sonya Sangster

Client Testimonials


I got connected with Sonya after my previous Travel Agent retired. Even though Sonya lives far away from my City I never felt she was more than a phone call away. Sonya is extremely easy to work with. She goes the extra mile to find you the best deal/connections etc. I will use Sonya again for my next travel and would refer her to anybody looking for a great competent travel agent.


Sonya helped us find a resort that perfectly met our needs. She responds quickly and efficiently researched and answered our queries. Sonya has also assisted with an Alaskan cruise, and arranged several European river cruises.

Alta and Tom

Sonya is our go to person for all questions concerning travel. Whether its help with deciding on a vacation or just picking the right airline or airport to transistion though, Sonya has all the latest info.