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Salma Dhanni

Travel Associate

I grew up taking road trips with my family, seeing the world in traditional and unusual ways. That's what led me to study hospitality and tourism, work in the industry in various capacities and now find myself needing to continue my passion for travel as an agent.


I'm passionate about exploring and learning about the beautiful world we live in. Local and authentic experiences are crucial. Food and wine are just as much so. Very happy to be a part of this amazing team and help you find your next adventure.


Salma Dhanni

Client Testimonials



"Salma has been a great agent and source of support. She recently booked my flights to Portugal, and through the process, everything was done with great communication and clarity. Even when my flight was cancelled on the way out, she was quick to take action and was able to rearrange my flights to ensure I got to where I needed to go in time for an event I was attending. She ensured to make sure my travel was smooth and seamless, even with the airline challenges. Kudos, I couldn't have had a better experience on my trip without her support and managing my bookings and adjustments."


"Booking with Salma was easy and convenient; she managed to make a daunting task seemly and relaxing. When my flights were cancelled, she was quick to take action and made           sure that I was rest assured and had a plan before leaving the airport. I will definitely be using her again and will tell all my friends!"


"Salma helped book my last trip to Mexico - it wasn't a standard all-inclusive trip, so I appreciated the thoughtfulness she put into helping me put together an itinerary that matched my unique trip plans. Additionally, when disappointed in the service level at the resort I was staying at, her call to the resort management proved exactly what was needed to turn their attitudes around. I really appreciated that extra mile."