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Jeanne Hall

Travel Associate

I have been in travel since i was 19 - working and owning my own travel business............
Wanting to ease out of the ownership - met with Mike Snider and everything just clicked together.............
I am able to work from home, cottage and even Myrtle Beach in the winter...............
Have computer will travel!!
Since starting in travel have been fortunate to travel to most continents - using packages, rail, cruises, and local air ...........
Must see on my list would be Ireland, France, Peru, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand as on the top of my places i have been to............

Jeanne Hall

Client Testimonials

Connie D


Jeanne Hall has been my travel agent for over 50 years.  Needless to say there have been a great number of trips in that timeframe and I never worry about anything because I know Jeanne has all the bases covered.  From arranging limos to the airport to tee times at the resort I know everything will be taken care of.  I have been to almost every continent on the globe without a hitch!



Lynne and Rick 


Jeanne has been helping us make great holiday memories for over 30 years.  We feel as if a friend is looking after us….. not just our travel agent.  She is always there if something goes amiss, regardless of the time zone change.
Jeanne has a wealth of insight and experience from her years in the travel industry and trusting in that knowledge has helped us plan some amazing holidays.    She enjoys sharing her love of the world of travel and we have benefited wonderfully from this.

How is that for formal website wording of “you do a great job of caring for us and giving us great memories.  We appreciate you so much.  Thank you!”
Keep “above” happy,

Dennis & Jackie


Fulfilling our travel dreams over the past 20 plus years has always resulted in a very positive experience with Jeanne from Northstar assisting us. Travel planning can be a daunting task with attention to details that only the experienced can provide - thanks Jeanne, you check all the boxes for us.