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Pat Fewkes

Northstar Travel Associate - Group Travel

Group Travel is my passion. I have hosted Leisure groups and some company groups such as Home Hardware around the world. For 31 years I have been helping people with their travel plans. My greatest pleasure is seeing people meet new friends and enjoying themselves while hosting a group.

Pat Fewkes

Client Testimonials

We are still talking to friends and family about our fabulous trip to Ireland… we still haven’t landed I don’t think from our Irish Bliss! 

We loved every second. This was only our fourth time out of country in 47 years. You handled us newbie travellers with kindness, patience, and good humor. We were blessed by you and our time away. 
Thank you so very much 

Thank you Pat and Ann for creating the Irish dream getaway!   It was nothing short of spectacular and fulfilled my Irish dreams and then some!   I consider my self very lucky to have been a part of this dream journey and look forward to future expeditions with you both.