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Nicholas Ruge

Travel Associate

Hey There! 

Hey there!
I'm Nicholas – your Luxury Travel Concierge and National Geographic Journeys Specialist! 
With over 14 years immersed in Travel & Hospitality, I've transformed my love for exploration into crafting personalized adventures for folks across North America.
From my early days as a frequent flyer to backpacking through Europe, travel's been in my blood, fostering growth and discovery. My passion? Curating tailor-made journeys that ignite your travel bug and cater to your unique interests.
But here's the real deal: it's not just about selling travel. It's about creating a tribe of adventurous souls, stepping beyond comfort zones together, and making unforgettable memories along the way.
When it comes to your travel plans, I'm not just here to assist; I'm your go-to support, from meticulous planning to being your personal concierge on-site. With the travel landscape evolving post-COVID-19, count on me to navigate the ever-shifting requirements and ensure your journey remains seamless and stress-free.
Let's team up to create your next incredible adventure – one that's personalized, hassle-free, and filled with unforgettable moments. Can't wait to connect and start planning! Cheers to our upcoming travels together!

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Nicholas Ruge

Client Testimonials

- Tony Manolis

If you do not have a seasoned agent - you're missing out on tremendous value! Nicholas fell into our lap 8 years ago after coming to our rescue when we were in Australia. There was an immediate affinity towards his level of care and passion for travel. Since then, he's handled all of our business & leisure travel needs. Apart from the exceptional service - he's always up to speed with the latest travel trends, does his due diligence when comparing our travel options to save us money and always looks for ways to enhance our in-flight experience through some neat travel hacks. Unlike expedia and other competitors, Nicholas isn't just there to close a sale - he's with us every step of the way as our own personal concierge. There's no passing us off to someone else, he takes ownership and accountability for everything he manages. Thank you, Nicholas, for making our travel plans a breeze!

- Sean Dennehy

Nicholas is simply the best and always exceeds our expectations. On our most recent family trip to Costa Rica, he identified the perfect resort to meet our needs and the two excursions he booked were out of this world! Nicholas' high level of organization and communication ensured that we stayed on track with payments, check-ins, excursion times and return flight. Everything went exactly as planned. Thank you Nicholas. This was a trip of a lifetime!

- Brook & Russ Gomes 

Nicholas curated our honeymoon in Palma de Mallorca and it was a dream of a trip!! Everything was perfect! The design & exclusivity of the property chosen, the authentic local experiences, dining recommendations & reservations that he took care of for us offering incredible views of the sunsets were out of this world! We always know we're in great hands when we book our travel with Nicholas.