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My name is Mary Thorne born and raised in the rural area of Middlesex and Lambton County. My dream growing up was to be a Travel Agent. Well never happen got married at an early age raised three beautiful daughters and have six awesome Grandchilden. Back in 2016 we hit a bump in the road my husband become ill with a very aggressive form of Leukemia. It changed our world. With being by his side was good but not always asking him how are doing, the dog was better therapy then I was Lil Jasmine would just sit on his lap and not say a word. So that's what lead me into the travel business, took my TICO course worked off and on at a local travel business and then became a Home Based travel consultant. I love to travel and so do a lot of my friends, so we had some great group vacations and many more booked till Covid hit. I just signed up with Northstar Travel and I'm very excited to continue with my dream job

So the good news is after one year my husband Dale got the all clear no more cancer.

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