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By Ryan McElroy - London Ontario · Agent Northstar Travel · in Perth, Australia · Comment

Laurraine, as you can imagine when I woke up on October 29th 2011 and heard that all Quantas flights to Australia were cancelled I was a wreck and in a panic.

The Quantas website was directing all its passengers to call there travel agent Hmm good thing I had a great one I could call at home given an emergency.

Laurraine, your advice of not to worry and board my American Airlines flight to LA not only saved me around 600 dollars but assured that I would get to my brothers wedding on time.

I just wanted to send you this note as you went above the call of duty by securing other routes and above all putting my mind at ease.

Thanks again Ryan McElroy and Family

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Richard: Yes i have used their service
about 3 years ago

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