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Patti Dougan

Travel Associate

I became a Travel Consultant in 2015 as I love to travel and found that I was the one doing most of the research and bookings for my friends and family.

I have been with Canada Post as a letter carrier for 28 yrs and plan to expand my business in the travel industry when I retire.

My true love is with the Caribbean although there is so much more of the world for me to see. I have personally been to many all inclusive resorts as well as a experienced many cruises.

I have experience with group bookings from weddings to birthday , anniversary and girl/guy getaways. Also individual bookings, tours and do it yourself packages.

My goal is to make sure my clients have a memorable trip and that they come back satisfied. I love building trips it almost feels like I am part of it.

Feel free to contact me for your vacation needs and I would be more than happy to help you put it all together.


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