Discover the Salt of the Earth at Four Seasons Resorts in Hawaii

· in Hawaii · about Culture & History

Discover the Salt of the Earth at Four Seasons Resorts in Hawaii

in Hawaii · about Culture & History
It’s one of Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts’ collection of ‘Extraordinary Experiences’ – exclusive, once-in-a-lifetime adventures that connect you to the local culture, history, Nature and landscape.
At the splendid, ocean-front Four Seasons Resort Hualalai on the north-west shore of the island of Hawaii, the Interactive Salt Harvesting experience allows guides guests through the ancient Hawaiian methods of collecting salt, and incorporates the salt in an interactive cooking class and invigorating spa treatment.

  • journey to nearby salt flats with a cultural ambassador;
  • learn how ancient Hawaiians harvested salt;
  • enjoy a private, interactive cooking class with a member of the resort’s culinary team, who incorporates the salt into the dishes you’ll prepare, and further explain the ways it was traditionally used in Hawaiian cooking; and
  • feel the the salts as they are also used in the Salts of the Ocean body treatment at the Hualalai Spa.




“Uncle” Earl Regidor, Kaupulehu Cultural Center Manager explains, 'Our Hawaiian ancestors lived off of Hawaii's bountiful resources and in turn respected and honoured our land and ocean. The natural salt the ocean provided was a cornerstone of Hawaiian living - used for food preservation, cooking, medicine and more. We are thrilled to bring this experience to our guests as yet another way to showcase our rich history.”
The experience starts with a short hike to traditional Hawaiian salt flats located adjacent to Four Seasons Resort Hualalai. Along the way, you learn how these salt flats were created and about the importance of salt in Hawaiian culture. Using spoons and fabric bags, similar to what was used hundreds of years ago, you get an opportunity to harvest fresh sea salt from pens carved into the lava rock.

The experience continues with a private, interactive cooking class led by a member of the culinary team that showcases how the salt is dried and used for cooking. You’ll taste variations of sea salt and gain a deeper understanding of how this flakey, flavorful salt is used in cooking.

Sea salt is also a powerful detoxification and healing agent, exemplified in the Salts of the Ocean body treatment at Hualalai Spa. This treatment features seven varieties of Hawaiian sea salt and seven unique Hawaiian essences, each working in harmony with a different chakra to balance energy and maintain wellbeing.
The Salt Harvesting experience costs USD 450 per person for up to 20 people. *
The Salts of the Ocean body treatment costs USD 285 for the 80-minute treatment. *
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