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Islands of Indonesia

Posted in Indonesia, Indonesia

Got a hankering to see five Indonesian islands? On Komodo, you’ll spot the eponymo...

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Costa Rica Quest

Posted in Costa Rica

Nature called you to Costa Rica — now here you are, suspended in the jungle canopy...

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Cape Town, Falls & Kruger Adventure

Posted in South Africa

Like action, adventure, and wildlife documentaries? Then you’re going to flat-out ...

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Vietnam, Laos & Myanmar on a Shoestring

Posted in Thailand

There’s no time like now to take on an epic adventure. (Seriously, like right now....

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Iceland Winter

Posted in Iceland, Iceland

Most people that visit Iceland go in the summer, but there’s a whole other s...

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Explore Australia

Posted in Australia

Discover Australia’s legendary highlights on a 12-day loop of the country. Explore...

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Southern Tanzania Safari

Get off the usual safari track for a whirlwind week of wildlife-viewing in the sou...

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Colombia Journey

Posted in Colombia

Discover Colombia, a corner of South America that is once again becoming a must-se...

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Backroads & Highlands of Peru

Posted in Peru

Get off the beaten path in the highlands of Peru and discover stunning mountain sc...

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Indochina Discovery and Trekking Northern Thailand

Posted in Thailand

If you believe that travelling isn’t just about crossing destinations on you...

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Local Living Nepal

Posted in Nepal

There’s no better way to get to know a country than by immersing yourself right in...

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Natural Highlights of California

Posted in South America, South America

See a side (or two or three) of California that many travellers never uncover on t...

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Southern Africa: Desert, Wildlife & Falls

Posted in Namibia, Namibia

Whether it’s the roar of a lion or the roar of Victoria Falls, there are bound to ...

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Sailing Indonesia – Bali & Lombok

Posted in Indonesia, Indonesia

The impossibly beautiful coastlines of Bali and Lombok have to be seen to be belie...

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Halloween in Transylvania

Posted in Romania

Transylvania. The name itself is enough to send an icy chill down the spine of eve...

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Hidden China & Inner Mongolia

Posted in China, China

To truly understand China, you’ve got to get out and meet it on its own terms, whi...

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Ireland Explorer

Posted in Ireland

For anyone looking to dive into the landscapes and lore of Ireland (all of it) thi...

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New Zealand Journey

Posted in New Zealand

Spend 11 days exploring the North and South Islands of this small country packed w...

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Galápagos Land & Sea — Central & East Islands aboard the ...

Posted in Ecuador

Curious to explore the Galápagos but don’t have a whole lot of time? Step ab...

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Ultimate Brazil

Posted in Brazil

Imagine experiencing Brazil. Ok, now imagine experiencing virtually all of it and ...

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