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10 Things you probably didn’t know about US Virgin Islands but should A majority of the citizenry are descendants of the people brought from the West African coast to work as slaves in the United States. read more
10 Things you probably didn’t know about Aruba but should About 29 kilometers north of Venezuela in Southern Caribbean Sea is the beautiful and idyllic island of Aruba. Together with other Dutch territories in the Caribbean, they are referred to as the Dutch Caribbean or the Netherlands Antilles. read more
10 Things you probably didn’t know about Jamaica but should About 90 miles south of Cuba lay the third largest island of the Greater Antilles. Its name is Jamaica. The island's surface area is 4249 square miles and it is nestled in the heart of the Caribbean Sea. It also happens to be one of the most sought after tour destinations. read more
10 Things you probably didn’t know about Hawaii but should Everybody knows that Hawaii is a beautiful volcanic travel destination. Ask any American kid to tell you something about Hawaii and they are likely to come up with a story about Pearl Harbor bombing by Japanese Air force during the WWII. read more
Sofitel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills It is glitzy and sleek. The hotel is the sort of place you go with your new date to showoff class and piety. You will never lack for something interesting to do here. read more
 Hotel a La Commedia If you are looking for an ideally located hotel in Venice, look no more. The Hotel a La Commedia is located a few steps from Rialto Bridge, the famous San Marco's Square and the vibrant shopping district of Venice. You will shop, dine, attend musicals, club to the wee hours of the night and still walk back to your accommodations. read more
Spotlight on Omar El Khayam For a cruising vessel, the Omar El Khayam has outdone itself. It features a gym, a sauna with massage services, a pool and a Jacuzzi. It carries 160 passengers on Lake Nasser in Egypt. It bills itself as a 'hotel on water re-imagined'. read more
Spotlight on Viking's Orient The Viking Mekong was built in 2014 to give adventure lovers a cruise through the Mekong and Irrawaddy Rivers. It is a cruise ship with English speaking crew, hotel-like amenities and sleek contemporary design that would put the likes of Titanic to shame. The ship is literally a hotel on water. read more
 Hotel Parlament Just like the name suggests, this hotel is the Hungarian Parliament's neighbor. It is located in one of the sleekest neighborhoods of Budapest. You are lucky if you get to make a reservation here. You will not only be near many historical attractions, but will also get to walk to the fabled River Danube. read more
The Marlton You will feel like royalty staying here. The customer service staffs are eager to please. No customer request goes unmet. The hotel is reliable, homely and the place to beat for both business and leisure travellers in New York. read more
 Hotel Antiche Figure The Hotel Antiche Figure is hosted in a 15th century building that overlooks the Grand Canal. It is a charming and elegant place that brings back memories of the powerful Venetian Kingdom. The hotel is a fusion of old architecture and modern amenities. Its customer care is peerless in Venice. read more
 Makai Club The first feel in Makai Club is that of an out-of-the-way retreat for holding conferences and events. Further stay reveals to you a club that takes the happiness of its guests very seriously. read more
 Costa Sur Resort & Spa For three decades now, Costa Sur Resort & Spa in Puerto Vallarta has had one welcome for its guest - Welcome Home! And this are not just words. The hotel staffs make every effort to ensure that the guests feel welcome. read more
 The Kapalua Villas It is that time of the year again when you need to take a break and reflect on your progress over the past one year, no? Read through this post for I have a proposal for you...and I think you are going to love it. read more
Golden Beach Apartel It epitomizes the vibrant Barbadian beach life. In its vicinity are some of the most popular holiday activities, and even some not so popular. You will never lack for something fun to do if you are stay here. read more
Explore Stephanie's Hotel in St. Lucia Stephanie's Hotel is located at Gros Islet, St. Lucia. It is ideal for all kinds of visitors ranging from recreational travellers, vacationers and business travellers. It is chic, cozy and comfortable. What more, it is near major tourist attractions. read more
Experience a Life of Luxury at  Little Palm Island Resort & Spa The resort is so exclusive and remote that the only way to access it is by air or sea. read more
Experience a Life of Luxury at The Montcalm London Think of London's most exclusive neighborhoods and you will probably be thinking of places such as the Park Lane, Marble Arch, London. And true to its reputation of being a pricey neighborhood, it boasts the Montcalm London, a hotel regularly graced by the well-heeled businessmen, politicians and celebrities. Read through this blog to find out what makes it a must-visit, must-stay hotel. read more
Barcelo Maya Tropical Your friend just arrived from the Caribbean with a tan to kill for. You are visibly irritated because he is getting all the attention from the opposite sex in the bar. You get thrilled at the thought of getting back at him for sporting such a sexy tan. People are mistaking him for an aid worker in the African tropics, but you know your friend…he is a lazy cat that would be comfortable lazing around the beach all day. I would not be blamed for putting one up on your friend, but I have an idea that will make him jealous too. read more
Buenaventura Grand Hotel & Spa For unparalleled beach sensation, sunshine and tropical color and joy, head to the all-inclusive Buenaventura Grand Hotel & Spa that is located in the heart of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The hotel is ideal for the fun-loving vacationers, honeymooning couples or families out for a long summer vacation. read more
Sandals Barbados The resort’s gourmet restaurants, luxury level rooms and natural setting will take you to a new high in your holidaymaking endeavors. read more
Roman Walls of Lugo The story of the walls begins with the Romans before it is passed on to the Middle Ages and on to the innovations of the 19th century. The wall is a single monument that stretches over a distance of 2 kilometers. It is testimony to the evolvement of the town of Lugo, formerly Lucus Augusti. read more
Historic Centre of Siena Siena’s history is ingrained in the art and architecture that it had influence on in Italy and Europe during the Middle Ages. The city’s historic center has been preserved to a remarkable degree and this makes it one of the hottest tourist destinations in Italy. read more
Canal du Midi you gotta go here Canal du Midi is one of the most awe-inspiring engineering feats of the modern times. Its creation and completion led to the Industrial Revolution and technological advancement that had hitherto not been dreamed of. The hydraulic civil engineering technology that was mastered during its construction brought about the development of water transport that could only be dreamt of a few years earlier. read more
SGang Gwaay you gotta go here Let’s get names first lest you get confused. SGang Gwaay llnagaay is also known as Nan Sdins which is also known as Ninstints. Now the Village of Nan Sdins is located on a small island called SGang Gwaay (Anthony Island). The Anthony Island is part of an archipelago off the west coast of British Columbia called Queen Charlotte Islands (Haida Gwaii). This village is the best known evidence of the Haida Indian culture and for this reason; it was listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1981. read more